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California's Building Energy Benchmarking Ordinance AB 802

What is Assembly Bill 802 and How to Comply

What is Assembly Bill 802?


On October of 2015, the State of California passed Assembly Bill 802 to establish a Benchmarking and Disclosure Program. The Program requires owners of buildings over 50,000 square feet with either no residential utility accounts or 17 or more residential utility accounts to benchmark and disclose their building’s energy performance through ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager. The purpose of the program is to help building owners better understand their energy consumption through standardized energy use metrics that enable smarter and more cost-effective improvements in building energy use. 


What is Benchmarking and how does it apply to AB 802?


Benchmarking is tracking your performance against a standard. When you benchmark a building, you track your building’s performance with energy, water, or waste metrics and compare it to similar buildings. This way, you can see how well you’re doing in comparison and maybe even give you incentives to make changes or upgrades to improve your building and rank higher than your peers


There are three main steps to comply: ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager Setup, Data Access and Uploads, and Report Submission.


  1. Create and fill in your building information in ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager

  2. Request for data from your utility company or manually upload your energy use from bills

  3. Report your data directly through ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager using the reporting link on the Energy Commission’s website


Want to share information with your team about the ordinance? Download our AB 802 Fact Sheet by clicking below:







Our technical services team can help to gather all the necessary information to create your profile on ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager, request the energy data from the utilities, ensure all data within your profile is correct, and submit the report to the state.



Important June 1st Deadline


● June 1, 2020 – Reporting deadline for buildings with 17 or more residential utility accounts


Non-compliant buildings may have fines of up to $500 - $2,000 per building every year of noncompliance. 


Contact us about AB 802

Verdani Partners is a qualified vendor in the state of California for energy benchmarking and AB 802 compliance.

We manage sustainability programs for over 4,300 properties across the U.S. and have helped hundreds of buildings achieve energy ordinance compliance.


To ensure compliance is met with California's AB 802 ordinance, property owners and managers should be educated on the ordinance and have a process in place. Please contact us by filling out the form below and we can start helping you achieve compliance for your portfolio or property.

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Verdani Partners worked with the California Energy Commission in collaboration with The Energy Coalition to build awareness for AB 802, answer questions, and educate property owners and managers about the ordinance. 

AB 802 Frequently Asked Questions


We have been getting a lot of questions regarding AB 802 and what it takes to comply. We have put together the most common questions for you in the FAQ below.

Energy Engineering Experience

Verdani’s experienced team of energy engineers is committed to helping you optimize your building and reduce utility expenses that increase your net operating income and add value to your overall portfolio. 

Verdani is ready to jump-start your sustainability/ESG management program

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