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Energy Audits

Verdani can help you ensure compliance with the Commercial Building Ordinance.

The San Francisco Commercial Buildings Ordinance requires building owners to benchmark their buildings annually as well as conduct an energy audit every five years. Below are the necessary steps to check if your property is in compliance with this ordinance.  

1) Download the excel spreadsheet to search if your property is either out of compliance or due for an upcoming audit.

  • Column W-Z will display the status of your energy audit requirement 

  • Column I will display the status of your benchmarking requirement 

2) If you are either out of compliance or due for an upcoming audit, determine if a level I or level II audit is required.

  • Buildings 50,000 square feet and larger: ASHRAE Level II - An “intermediate” survey and energy analysis 

  • Buildings 10,000 to 49,999 square feet: ASHRAE Level I - A basic energy analysis 

3) Have an energy audit conducted by a qualified vendor, such as Verdani Partners, as part of San Francisco’s Commercial Buildings Energy Performance Ordinance.   

Non-compliant buildings may have fines of up to $2,500 per year (buildings over 50,000  sq ft) or $1,250 per year (buildings less than 50,000 sq ft) annually until compliance is reached.    

Contact us about energy audits

Verdani Partners is a qualified vendor in San Francisco. We have managed the sustainability programs for over 3,000 properties and have consistently helped San Francisco buildings not only meet compliance, but also save money by cutting down on operating expenses through energy efficient solutions.


To ensure that compliance is met with the ordinance, please send a message below to our Senior Energy Engineer, Chris Wei, for a one on one meeting. 

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Engineering Experience

Verdani’s experienced team of energy engineers is committed to helping you optimize your building and reduce utility expenses that increase your net operating income and add value to your overall portfolio. 

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