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Verdani's 10 Steps to a Green Portfolio


  1. More and more investors are looking at connecting their capital with companies who run their portfolios more efficiently and sustainable.

  2. Energy efficiency, climate change resilience, and workplace health safety and productivity continues to grow.

  3. The real estate sector will continue to be the focus of scrutiny from investors as well as national and regional regulators when it comes to greater transparency.


With over 275 billion square feet of existing building space in the U.S., there is a great potential in transforming existing buildings into more profitable, sustainable, and healthy spaces. To maintain a healthy atmosphere, it is estimated that carbon emissions must be cut by 80% by 2050. In The United States, existing buildings are responsible for 1/3 of the energy use and 40% of CO2 emissions making it a prime sector in the fight for a positive climate change.

Our cities are now starting to prepare climate change and resilience adaptation policies and programs to address climate change risks, infrastructure needs, and increased resource needs for water, energy and demographic shifts. Policy and regulations will continue to drive the building industry to address these issues. Successful leaders need to stay in front of the latest Environmental Social Governance trends and be proactive about what is important for building occupants. More efficient use of space, more controls and greater health and productivity should matter to all those who want to remain competitive and increase their bottom line.


  1. Create a Vision and Mission

  2. Create a Team: Have a champion and a dedicated sustainability team to implement the programs.

  3. Create Goals and Targets: Set up a game plan with short and long term targets that can be tracked and measured overtime.

  4. Benchmark the portfolio and measure the progress starting with where you so that you can set up a game plan to move to where you want to go. (Energy Star Portfolio Manager is a great starting point.)

  5. Develop a centralized platform to collaborate and manage the programs. Make data accessible to all internally and publish data on the company website.

  6. Roll out sustainability policies across the board to level the playing field. Make the property staff, tenants and vendors comply with it.

  7. Pursue Green Building Certifications: Energy Star, LEED etc.

  8. Implement a Stakeholder Engagement Program: Develop a stakeholder engagement program including a robust educational and tenant outreach program.

  9. Partner with Sustainable Organizations: Develop partnerships (USGBC, ULI, DOE, BOMA, Greenprint etc.)

  10. Report Your Progress: Track and share your progress through annual sustainability reports, GRI, CDP reports and GRESB Surveys.


Verdani Partners has 18 years of sustainable real estate and over 10 years of experience developing, implementing and managing corporate sustainability programs to large portfolios of existing buildings. Verdani’s business model is built around your success:

  • We focus on large portfolios of buildings, adding value and building trust and sustaining relationships along the way.

  • Whether you are a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to sustainability, we use our expertise to get you results faster and more cost-effectively.

  • We strategize ways for your company to outperform the market and improve your bottom line.

  • We will work on measuring and benchmarking key performance indicators so we can show the impacts of our programs over time.

  • Our suite of services include creating annual sustainability budgets and detailed Strategic Plans to help managing the programs.


  • Strategically support teams managing corporate sustainability programs for large portfolios

  • Fill internal capacity gaps

  • Focus on getting results

  • Improve building performance faster and more effectively

  • Reduce environmental impacts and operating expenses while maximizing occupant health, productivity, and building value


  • Provide full service support from an international team of experts, including veterans in the industry to people in the trenches

  • Support building managers and owners with tools and resources

  • Implement corporate sustainability programs and reporting, LEED project management, certification and recertification, LEED Volume Program, Energy benchmarking and audits, and Building Retrofits


• Sustainability Programs • Reporting • Third Party Audits • Green Tenant Improvement Guides • Green Leases • Occupant Engagement Programs • LEED Certification • LEED Assessment & GAP Analysis • LEED Project Management • LEED Volume Program • ENERGY STAR • Building Retrofits • Energy Audits (ASHRAE Level I and II) • Energy Modeling • Commissioning


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