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Verdani Helps CommonWealth Partners Achieve Ongoing ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year Designation

2099 Pennsylvania Ave, D.C.

Verdani Partner’s client CommonWealth Partners (CWP) has achieved the ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year (ESPOY) designation every year since 2018, and has been recognized for “Sustained Excellence” for the past two years. They have managed to maintain this impressive streak through a strong commitment to ENERGY STAR certifications across their properties, demonstration of leadership in environmental efforts, and continuous communications with internal and external stakeholders around energy and resource efficiency.

Verdani’s experience with ENERGY STAR certifications and ESPOY applications has helped CWP build out its impressive certification program including helping CWP develop innovative programs to advance sustainability, such as participating in net zero carbon pilot projects for three buildings with the DOE’s Better Building Challenge.

CWP and Verdani have also worked closely together to generate creative communications including ENERGY STAR property emissions posters, Sustainable Leasing flyers, participation in Certification Nation again in 2022 (which CWP also participated in 2014 the last time it was offered), ENERGY STAR Day, bi-annual ESG newsletters, tenant engagement messaging on the importance of resource efficiency, social media and various ESG measures.

With the competitive bar for ESPOY rising every year, continuing to achieve this designation is no easy feat, but CWP has risen to the occasion for 5 years running.

From left to right: Hamilton Square, D.C.; City National Plaza, Los Angeles; 560 Mission, San Francisco



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