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About Us
and what drives us


Verdani Partners is a leading full-service sustainability and ESG consulting firm with team members with over 25 years of experience in sustainable real estate. 


Our mission is to empower organizations with cost-effective strategies to create sustainable buildings and communities.


Our vision is for a sustainable future in which the built environment is a catalyst for change driving the global market toward efficiency, health, prosperity, and collaboration for long term resilience.


Our approach is from an owner’s perspective in which we partner with our clients as their in-house sustainability team to identify and implement strategies optimally aligned with corporate business strategy and goals.


Clapping Audience
People First

Our work is ultimately about creating healthier, livable buildings and communities with a high quality of life. People, from employees to tenants, and their relationship to the built and natural environments, are central to how we conduct business.

Collaborative Relationships

Verdani Partners embeds sustainability experts in the heart of our clients’ operations and management teams acting as a long-term, in-house partner to achieve results in a streamlined and cost-effective way. 

Analyzing Graphs
Financial Responsibility

Our team understands real estate finance from an owners’ perspective and helps to evaluate the triple bottom line to implement projects that are cost-effective and profitable.

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Industry Leadership

We address our clients and industry needs on a national and international scale by actively participating in strategic committees, and working and advocacy groups. We have helped develop best practices and solutions to the industry’s biggest sustainability challenges while becoming better experts and community leaders.

Green Roofs
Built Environment Transformation

By focusing on efficiency and resiliency strategies, we are implementing positive real estate transformation. We are creating safer, healthier, and more productive places for people while helping to reduce the carbon footprint of the built environment. 

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