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    Clarion Partners

    305 Million SF, 1,174 Properties
    $48.6 Billion in Total Assets
    2019 GRESB: 3rd in U.S. Industrial Distribution
    2018 Annual Report

    Since 2014, Clarion’s Corporate Responsibility team has worked diligently with Verdani Partners to increase data coverage across its portfolio of diversified properties. In addition, Clarion is constantly evaluating opportunities for LEED and Fitwel certification, solar, and efficiency projects with a current total of 70 LEED certified properties and over 20 megawatts of solar installed or in process. In 2016, Clarion introduced a standardized process for including sustainability information in property business plans and budgets. This has been instrumental in helping properties prioritize more efficiency projects. Since then, Clarion has been able to capture over $26 Million in efficiency investments.


    Corporate Responsibility website

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    Parkway (PKY)

    2019 GRESB: 2nd in Resilience Module in peer group, first GRESB 5 Star Rating

    100% LEED Certified

    100% ENERGY STAR Benchmarked

    2018 Annual Report

    “We are proud of the tremendous achievement of 100% LEED certification for our entire Houston portfolio in 2018, with 16 of our 19 buildings receiving LEED Gold certifications. We continue to perform well on the annual GRESB Assessment: top ten in our peer group for the sixth year in a row, 2nd on the 2019 GRESB Resilience Module in our peer group and 1st in Resilience globally in 2018. We are proud that Phoenix Tower was recognized for the 20th consecutive year for achieving ENERGY STAR labels. It is the only building in the ENERGY STAR program to have achieved a label for every year of the program’s 20-year existence. With Verdani’s support, Parkway remains steadfast to socially and environmentally responsible business.”
    ~ Mike Shreve, Regional Chief Engineer

    Sustainability website

  • CommonWealth Partners

    2019 GRESB: 1st in U.S. Office Sector, 3rd in Resilience Module in peer group

    2018 and 2019 ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year
    2018 Green Lease Leader Landlord Gold
    94% Energy Star Benchmarked
    100% LEED Certified
    22.8% Energy Use Reduction since 2013
    44.3% CO2 Emissions Reduction since 2013
    2018 Annual Report

    "We are so proud of our collective focus and efforts on our sustainability initiatives and the support of the CWP ESG program in its entirety – the team’s dedication is greatly appreciated, and the results are truly remarkable! Verdani Partners has been instrumental in working with our properties and employees to elevate our CWP ESG program, enabling us to achieve our goals and ultimately position us as an industry leader in sustainability."

    ~ Kirsten Quezambra, Vice President

    Sustainability website

  • Windsor at Cambridge Park, Cambridge, MA


    2019 GRESB: 2nd in U.S. Residential Multi-family, 3rd in Resilience in Peer Group

    First GRESB 5 Star Rating
    100% Energy Star Benchmarked

    19.8 Million SF, 104 Properties

    CEO Action for Diversity Pledge
    2018 Annual Report

    “We are proud to continue working with Verdani Partners on our ESG program. We have made great strides across our data management and capture efforts, implemented several LED lighting upgrades across our portfolio, we completed our first two rooftop solar projects in Massachusetts, and our CEO signed the pledge for CEO Action for Diversity and Inclusion. Verdani has been instrumental in helping us achieve significant rankings in the 2017, 2018 and 2019 GRESB assessments, in which we are thrilled to have achieved the 2nd rank in our peer group!”

    ~ Matt Bernstein, Asset Manager

    Sustainability website

  • Jamestown 2017_Q9A3353-Edit-2.jpg

    Jamestown Properties

    2019 GRESB: 1st in the Resilience Module in peer group, 3rd in U.S. Diversified Office/Retail

    GRESB 5 Star Rating
    14.3 Million SF, 103 Properties
    73% Energy Star Benchmarked
    2017 Annual Report

    ​"It has been a great experience working with Verdani Partners. By leveraging Verdani’s skills, knowledge, and resources, Jamestown identified a utility automation partner, plans to submit 7 LEED applications, and reported to both UNPRI and GRESB in 2017."

    ~ Becca Rushin, VP
    Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility

    Jamestown Green website

  • 505Howard7370_edited.jpg

    American Realty Advisors

    2019 GRESB: Score improves 84% since 2016
    3.97 Million SF ENERGY STAR Certified in 2018
    6.69 Million SF LEED Certified in 2018

    30.57 Million SF in 2018
    2018 Annual Report

    Verdani Partners has been instrumental in ARA’s recent ESG efforts and accomplishments. As a key partner, Verdani and ARA’s Sustainability Team expanded ARA’s ESG platform and policies that took our GRESB score from 44 out of 100 in 2016 to 81 out of 100 this year. This is just one of many examples where Verdani has assisted ARA throughout the past few years, and we are proud of the strides we’ve made with Verdani’s partnership. 


    ~ Austin Maddux, Executive Vice President at ARA

    Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability website

  • I-10 Industrial Portfolio - Colony Capit

    Colony Capital

    45.6 Million SF, 378 Properties
    2019 GRESB: 5th in U.S. Industrial Distribution, score improves 24% since 2018
    2018 Annual Report

    "It has been a great pleasure working with Verdani Partners. Their ESG experience and expertise has been invaluable to Colony Capital's diversified portfolio. We were very proud of our results in our first year participating in GRESB, and look forward to our ongoing relationship and to continue building on our success."

    ~ Ryan McManus, Senior Vice President

    Corporate Responsibility website

  • The Howard Hughes Corporation

    2019 GRESB: Score improves 23% since 2018

    $6.4 Billion in Total Assets
    10.8 Million SF in program, 4.8 Million SF of MPC's
    8 LEED Certified Properties
    8 ENERGY STAR Certified Properties
    2017 Annual Report

    In 2017, Howard Hughes Corporation retained Verdani Partners to initiate their first sustainability program called HHSustainability. Verdani is providing strategy and implementation of Corporate Sustainability, Green Building Certifications, and Engineering Services for HHC's Master Planned Communities (MPC's), including The Woodlands, Texas and Ward Village in Honolulu, which is the largest LEED-ND Platinum certified development in the country.

    HHSustainability website

  • Kaiser-Interior-Lobby.jpg

    California Sustainability Alliance / Navigant

    Green Laboratory Case Study

    Kaiser Permanente’s Chino Hills Regional Reference Laboratories (LEED Gold)
    San Bernardino County, California 

    ​The purpose of the Green Laboratory Case Study was to determine how biotech laboratories can use the human wellness benefits associated with human-centric design to create greater value for—and better motivate the adoption of—energy efficient building designs and technologies. The report highlights the best practices, insights, and challenges of implementing sustainability in a multi-use building with biotechnology laboratory space and how human health and wellness considerations effected the adoption of energy efficiency at the Chino Hills facility. Verdani conducted interviews and site visits, analyzed energy efficiency and co-wrote the report.

  • AB802-computerscreenforppt-shutterstock_

    California Energy Commission

    Stakeholder Engagement Communication, Outreach and Education Program and Benchmarking Compliance Program

    In October 2015, the State of California passed Assembly Bill 802 (AB 802) to provide building owners access to their building energy use data from utilities, and to track consumption in their buildings. The purpose of AB 802 is to help building owners, tenants, and others better understand the energy consumption of their buildings through standardized energy use metrics.

    Verdani was hired to develop a stakeholder communications and outreach program including collateral, brochures, FAQs, webinar presentations, as well as provide customer training in benchmarking compliance. The program achieved a 40% compliance success rate.

  • 6SDG13566_PYD_Brochure1-usefornewsocialm

    SDG&E Power Your Drive (PYD) Program

    3,500 EV chargers to be installed in their territory

    40% to be multifamily apartments, condos and properties in disadvantaged communities

    ​Navigant and Verdani were hired to develop and implement a comprehensive communications and outreach strategy, complete with demographic assessments, stakeholder surveys, community engagements, strategy, messaging and collateral for website and social media, memoranda and handouts for residents, properties, and partners, sales pitch presentations, registration and CRM tools. The team engaged EV experts Shelton Group and Chelsea Sexton to provide detailed demographics and market analysis, while Verdani Partners led the marketing, sales and on the ground community engagement, and Navigant was the project lead providing sector expertise and project management. The 40% multifamily target was achieved.

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