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Corporate ESG

Helping our clients align value creation with strategic ESG, decarbonization, and resilience goals

New & Updated Services

Building Performance Standards

Effectively navigate Building Performance Standards (BPS) analysis and compliance with Verdani. With varying levels of service, we can help you analyze affected properties per jurisdiction and assess compliance scope of work through an annual survey, provide targeted notifications and compliance options; and deliver in-depth asset analysis, projected EUI, fine estimates, and step-by-step compliance guidance.

Decarbonizationand Net Zero

Our Decarbonization team has developed new services to enhance your carbon analysis, decarbonization, and net zero efforts. From energy audit insights and Carbon Risk Real Estate Monitor (CRREM) pathways transition risk assessments to comprehensive offsite renewable strategy analysis and scope 3 emissions materiality, empower your real estate portfolio to develop an industry-leading decarbonization pathway.

Renewable Energy Market Impact Tool

With extensive renewables market data provided by Transparent Energy, LLC, a national leader in auction-based energy procurement, Verdani's Renewable Energy Market Impact™ (REMI) tool, our proprietary offsite renewable energy geospatial planning tool, enables real estate managers to view available renewable energy products and pricing by market locations across your portfolio to support decarbonization planning.

Verdani Vantage

Our Certifications team can provide part-time or full-time support to manage a bundle of certifications projects for you. This approach streamlines the certification process, reduces administrative efforts on individual proposals, and ensures project completion by submission deadlines. Discounts apply to our certifications project management fees.

Project Implementation Management

Verdani's project implementation managers can oversee your sustainability projects including vendor selection and RFPs, project planning and execution, cost management, issue resolution, and communications and reporting. Our support is flexible to meet your needs, streamlining projects so you can maintain program momentum especially during reporting seasons.

Diversity, Equity,
and Inclusion

Ensure your DEI program is aligned with ESG best practices. Assess your current program status, from board and employee diversity to pay parity. Enhance your existing DEI programs, setting clear goals and implementing inclusion and belonging initiatives. Verdani can help you improve ESG ratings and GRESB scores by properly addressing questions related to diversity and human rights.

Comprehensive corporate ESG services: 


ESG Strategy & Implementation

  • Environmental Management System (Overall Strategy and Roadmap)

  • Portfolio-wide Sustainability Policies and Guideline Development

  • Development of Program Goals and Targets

  • Materiality and Visioning Surveys (Double Materiality Aligned)

  • Setting Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Science Based Targets (SBTs)

  • Program Budget and Identify and Implement ROI Efficiency Projects

Net Zero Roadmap

  • Data and Property Assessments

  • Asset-level Efficiency

  • On-Site Renewable Energy

  • Off-site Renewable Energy

Resilience and Risk Assessment

  • Sustainability Due Diligence for New Acquisitions

  • Risk Assessment for Standing Investments

  • Climate Change and Building Resilience

Stakeholder Engagement & Events

  • Engagement Calendar Planning

  • Program Communications including Newsletters, Presentations, Press Relations

  • Tenant and Resident Engagement: Health and Wellbeing Events and Campaigns, and Environmental Events and Campaigns (Earth Day, Energy-Water-Waste Campaigns, Biodiversity, Resilience, and more.)

  • Industry Engagement including Award Applications, Conferences and Events Representation and presentation materials development

ESG Reporting


  • CDP

  • PRI

  • TCFD

  • SASB

  • Others

View our clients' annual reports to learn more about the comprehensive ESG strategies, programs, and initiatives we help them develop and manage.

Better communicate your sustainability performance through green building certifications

Reduce utility expenses and add value to your portfolio with expert sustainability engineering

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