Corporate Sustainability
We help our clients align value creation with strategic ESG and resiliency goals

Corporate sustainability and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) strategies help businesses align their long-term value creation and corporate goals with their sustainability targets and metrics. An effective ESG program requires a comprehensive strategy that includes short- and long-term goals, policies, reporting, and data management infrastructure. Each of these strategic elements are important to track progress towards the company’s sustainability goals. Improving operational performance and building greater transparency among stakeholders are a few of the drivers for organizations seeking corporate sustainability services.


Some of the key corporate sustainability management services Verdani can help with are:

  • NOI Growth and Value Creation

  • Environmental Management System (overall ESG strategy and roadmap)

  • Portfolio-level and Property-level Strategies

  • Identify and Implement ROI Efficiency Projects

  • Portfolio-wide Sustainability Policies and Guidelines

  • Annual Stakeholder Engagement Programs including Environmental Events and Health and Well-being

  • Sustainability and ESG Program Branding

  • Development of Program Goals & Targets

  • GRI-aligned Annual Sustainability Reports 

  • Third-party ESG Reporting including GRESB, UNPRI, CDP and others

  • Sustainability Due Diligence for New Acquisitions

  • Risk Assessment for Standing Investments

  • Climate Change and Building Resilience

Verdani is ready to jump start your Corporate Sustainability, ESG Management program!

Verdani's 10 Steps to a Green Portfolio

Every portfolio is different and there is no one-size-fits-all solution. We have found that our portfolios who achieve the best results have implemented key best practices. To help our clients be more efficient, Verdani Partners has developed a 10-step framework to plan, implement and evaluate the progress and effectiveness of their sustainability strategies at both the portfolio and property level.

ESG Mission
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Climate Change and Building Resilience


Verdani Partners provides climate change and building resilience strategy and implementation guidance for its corporate sustainability clients. We help our clients:

  • Develop climate change and building resilience policy

  • Assess vulnerabilities through in depth risk and resilience assessments

  • Build awareness across their portfolio

  • Manage risks and pursue opportunities and make plans for preparedness

  • Produce climate-related financial disclosure (TCFD) reports

Better communicate your sustainability performance through green building certifications

Reduce utility expenses and add value to your portfolio with expert sustainability engineering

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