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Green Building Certifications
Better communicate your portfolio's sustainability performance through certifications and reporting

Through third-party certifications, Verdani can assist you in adding credibility to sustainability claims and better communicate your sustainability performance with industry-recognized reporting standards such as GRESB. Verdani helps our clients lower operating costs, create healthy and safe environments for occupants, and conserve resources which result in higher ROI, added building value, reputation, and competitiveness in the marketplace.  

Our staff consists of experienced LEED Fellows, LEED APs, Green Associates, AIAs, CEMs, PEs and WELL APs. We also help companies benchmark their buildings in the U.S. EPA’s ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager, allowing owners and managers to track energy and water consumption and compare their performance against peers in an ENERGY STAR rating system.  


We can provide expertise and services for the following:

  • Arc Platform


  • ENERGY STAR benchmarking and certification

  • Fitwel

  • Green Globes

  • IREM

  • LEED certification and project management

  • National Green Building Standard (NGBS)

  • WELL

  • Monthly utility data management

  • Other certification types

2020 Green Building Certifications


Verdani’s Green Building Certifications Department and our clients have had a busy year with 29 certifications and recertifications earned in 2020, with 5 more pending soon. Visit our 2020 Green Building Certifications page to see the full list of certified projects.

We help our client CommonWealth Partners measure their building's sustainability performance and manage green building certifications through the Arc platform.

Arc CWP Video

Green Building Certifications Experience


Verdani has over 20 years of experience certifying buildings nationally and internationally. We support our clients with many of the top green building certifications from initial feasibility assessments through initial certifications and re-certification process. Here is a look at some of the projects we helped lead.

Verdani is ready to jump start your Corporate Sustainability, ESG Management program!

Optimize your environmental, operational and financial performance through corporate sustainability

Reduce utility expenses and add value to your portfolio with expert sustainability engineering

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