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Verdani Partners Becomes a Fitwel Champion and Offers New Building Certification Service

Verdani Partners becomes a Fitwel Champion and Offers NEw Fitwel Building Certification Service

Verdani client, Clarion Partners, is set for an unprecedented achievement in green building. Last month, Verdani submitted six multifamily and office properties for client, Clarion Partners for Fitwel certification, the most from one organization in the certification system’s history.

From these submissions, along with a Fitwel certification achieved for client, CommonWealth Partners earlier this year, Verdani Partners has received a new designation as a Fitwel Champion. This status has been awarded by Fitwel and the Center for Active Design for Verdani's work in submitting a minimum of six certification projects in a twelve-month period.

This marks the newest, official service that Verdani can offer clients from the Green Building Certifications department. As a Fitwel Champion, Verdani will also have access to discounted rates for certifications.

Founder and President of Verdani Partners, Daniele Horton said, “Not only does the Fitwel Champion designation reinforce our firm’s mission to provide industry-leading sustainability programs to our clients, but its evidence-based design strategies are also highly deployable by our Green Building Certifications Department. Through the adoption of this platform, we’ve seen great enhancements made to building efficiency and the quality of life for building occupants, communities and cities across the country, while at the same time improving our clients’ GRESB scores. As a global leader in full-service sustainability and ESG management, Verdani Partners is excited to partner with Fitwel in their commitment to achieving truly health-conscious work/living spaces in the built environment.”

Fitwel is the world’s leading certification aimed at optimizing the health and productivity of building occupants through design. Developed by the U.S. CDC and the General Services Administration, Fitwel is aligned with the newest scientific research in health and design.

Clarion saw Fitwel certification as an optimal way to improve building occupant health throughout its portfolio and Verdani's Certifications Manager, Ruby Gonzalez-Jimenez was able to identify the best design strategies for meeting Fitwel's rating system. Located in the New York metro area, Clarion’s first Fitwel projects will be certified in the fall of 2018.

Typically, the entire Fitwel certification process takes four to five months. As a first step, project teams must select which Fitwel strategies to pursue and compile evidence showing implementation of these strategies. Next, project teams fill out an online Fitwel Scorecard and upload the required evidence. After this, the Fitwel Certification Team reviews the project evidence and issues a report listing additional evidence needed and next steps. Project teams can then respond once to the review. Finally, the Fitwel Certification Team issues a Final Review Report with the project’s score and, if applicable, a Fitwel Certificate.

How do buildings earn Fitwel certification? Buildings that are located near public transit, parks and other amenities, in walkable communities, and offer onsite amenities make good candidates. Clarion’s Fitwel projects incorporate various design strategies that improve the health of building employees, tenants and surrounding communities.


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