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Technical Services & Engineering

Technical expertise is integral to accurate and insightful audits and efficiency projects

Energy and Portfolio Efficiency Engineering Services


  • Ongoing data management for large data management portfolios

  • Benchmark utility data on ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager

  • ASHRAE Energy Audits (Levels I, II, III)

  • Recommendations for energy efficiency strategies including implementation costs, energy saving calculations, financial returns, and available rebates and incentives.

  • Water Audits

  • ENERGY STAR Labels

    • Conduct site visits to verify data and assess indoor environmental quality

    • Check accuracy and completion of utility data and building profiles entered on Portfolio Manager

    • Provide application support and documentation

    • Sign and stamp ENERGY STAR applications

  • Compliance with Local Laws

  • Indoor Air Quality Testing

    • CO2 and TVOC testing

    • Conducting ASHRAE 62.1 ventilation rate procedure calculations

    • Outside air ventilation measurements for mechanical building systems

    • Modify and maintain ventilation distribution systems to ensure ASHRAE 62.1 compliance

  • Building Retrocommissioning

  • Due Diligence for New Acquisitions


AB 802 June 1st Benchmarking Compliance Deadline

The State of California passed Assembly Bill 802 (AB 802) in 2015, requiring owners of commercial buildings over 50,000 square feet to benchmark and track energy consumption in their buildings. The bill went into effect in 2018, requiring compliance on an annual basis. Building owners and managers in California must educate themselves and be properly prepared. 


Engineering Experience


Verdani’s experienced team of energy engineers is committed to helping you optimize your building and reduce utility expenses that increase your net operating income and add value to your overall portfolio. Our team’s technical expertise is exemplified in the following successful projects.

Optimize your environmental, operational and financial performance through corporate sustainability

Better communicate your sustainability performance through green building certifications

We are hiring!

We are actively looking for purpose-driven, skillful and passionate sustainability professionals with experience in Corporate Sustainability and ESG Management, Energy Engineering and Technical Services, Communications, and Green Building Certifications

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