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USGBC Green Apple Day of Service

We are proud to have been able to support USGBC’s Green Apple Day of Service this past Saturday, September 26th and help give back to our local schools that have done so much for our children and our communities. In 2014 over 3,800 projects took place including 50 U.S. States and 43 countries and raised over $4.7 million to support local efforts. Together our individual efforts stack up.

Some of the Verdani team spent our day at “A Children’s Garden School” in Encinitas, CA. We helped to build two organic vegetable gardens shaped as row boats. In addition, we painted a large wooden ship the kids play on, we conducted a LED Lighting retrofit, and installed new aerators. Phew! It was a lot of work but we had a great team and got a lot accomplished.

Verdani team members in Northern California spent their day on Phase 1 of the rainwater catchment project at a local Elementary School in Berkeley, CA. We had parents, children, and students from Cal Berkeley participate in the event. The Phase 1 project consisted of a delivery of rock and compost to create a base for the proposed rain barrels. We took down the old rain gutters and pulled weeds. We measured out the wood framing, placed them together then applied the compost and then rock on top of that.

As there was too much to do in one day, two to three more work days are planned. Phase 2 will consist of using a forklift to relocate the red shed to be closer to the children’s garden and give enough space for the 4 rain barrels. We will also install new gutters with downspouts. Each rain barrel should hold 500 gallons of water for a total of 2,000 gallons that will be collected from the roof during the raining season. Phase 3 will consist of installing the 4 large rain barrel tanks with a pump to begin operating immediately and store water that will ultimately water the children’s vegetable garden.

Thank you to everyone that volunteered for this important day of service—Verdani’s super group: Chris Wei, Daniele Horton, Jessica Loeper, Katie Freeze, Mariana Young, Paul Morimoto, Taylor Sims, and the Verdani kiddos: Lucas and Gabriel! We are looking forward to participating in this event again next year!

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