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Verdani X Greenbuild 2018

Verdani at Greenbuild 2018

The Verdani team is thrilled for the upcoming Greenbuild International Conference and Expo this year and will be headed to the event for the 6th consecutive year. Taking place in the architecturally exciting city of Chicago, the city with the most green certified buildings in the country, Verdani team members will be speaking at sessions during the conference and is also co-sponsoring the Greenbuild Afterparty event for the second year in a row!

The Greenbuild 2018 theme is Human x Nature | The Intersection of Humanity & The Built Environment. The green building movement embraces all of humanity by making sustainable buildings and environments accessible to everyone, and in doing so, benefits the natural environment all around us. As the world's largest conference and expo dedicated to sustainability in the built environment, this event is helping people understand their role in protecting and preserving the natural environment and leveraging the built environment. Greenbuild brings together industry leaders, experts and professionals dedicated to sustainable building in their everyday work, and creates an event dedicated to sharing, collaborating, and discussing the most important topics and ideas in the industry.

14 - 16 November 14-16, 2018 McCormick Place | Chicago, Ill


Verdani is proud to be represented by Founder and President Daniele Horton, as a speaker at this session:

LEED for Existing Buildings

Session Abstract:

The newest update to the LEED rating systems, LEED v4.1, is a bigger, bolder and stronger rating system that includes an outcome-based approach to LEED certification. Learn how projects around the world are using LEED v4.1 and a data driven approach to performance management. Bring your successes and challenges for discussion during the session. This interactive session is a detailed view of LEED through beta project case studies. Staff from USGBC and GBCI will facilitate group discussions with speakers that have direct experience using the LEED globally. Attendees can learn about their hands on experience and understand what changes were made to the rating system.

Daniele Horton, Founder and President will present on the global impact of LEED certified buildings. Staff from USGBC and GBCI will facilitate group discussions with speakers that have direct experience using the LEED globally.


Verdani is proud to be represented by Vice President and Director of Sustainability, Jessica Loeper, as a speaker at this session:

Arc's Performance Score: Case Studies of Taking Action and Measuring Impact 

Session Abstract:

Arc’s score is providing a pathway for all buildings, communities and cities to track and manage performance. Using energy, water, waste, transportation and human experience data, discover how your building can benchmark its performance against regional and global peers, leveraging a cohesive score. Over a billion square feet of built space is engaged with Arc to manage efficiency and lower carbon emissions. This panel dives into the Arc platform to discuss: 1) data collection, 2) translating data into a performance score, and 3) deriving insights from the score to improve performance. This expert group of practitioners discusses lessons learnt in extracting insights from the score and leveraging deep green building expertise to make the built environment more carbon efficient.

Jessica will discuss Commonwealth Partners’ experience with implementing the Arc platform to track performance of energy, water, waste, transportation, and human experience. She will talk about lessons learned in utilizing the performance score to make the built environment more carbon efficient.


Verdani is proud to co-sponsor Greenbuild's After-Party event for the second year a row, see details below:

Greenbuild After-Party

House of Blues Chicago

329 Dearborn St. Chicago, IL, 60654

Its Human Nature to dance and have fun! Join us for Greenbuild's biggest and best after-party. Meet sustainability professionals and reconnect with old friends at the House of Blues Chicago. The after-party will have a full service bar, DJ, and dancing until the wee hours of the morning. Find a Verdani team member for tickets.


How to Help Make Greenbuild 2018 a Truly Sustainable Event:

Sustainability is at the forefront of Greenbuild - especially while we’re on site in Chicago for Greenbuild. We challenge you to become an environmental steward while you’re in Chicago. Greenbuild is challenging all attendees to pledge to at least three best practices while in visiting Chicago to help keep the city and community, green.

A few examples:

  • Bring my reusable water bottle/coffee mug and reusable bag with me (and avoid the city of Chicago plastic bag tax!)

  • Download and use the mobile app instead of using the printed Expo Guide.

  • Use low carbon transportation like bicycles (Divvy) or trains and buses (CTA) and if I must use Uber/Lyft/Taxi, I will carpool.

Learn more at Greenbuild's 2018 Sustainability Pledges

LEED Buildings to See while Attending Chicago:

While in town for Greenbuild, USGBC recommends taking the opportunity explore what makes Chicago a sustainable city and leader in green buildings. Just a little over a month ago, Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced that Chicago had achieved the LEED for Cities Platinum certification, making it one of the first cities in the world to utilize the LEED rating system and become LEED certified.

Find out more on how to explore the LEED attractions in USGBC's guide to Chicago's LEED buildings and tours.


Verdani is proud to attend Greenbuild 2018 and contribute our knowledge and insights to other attendees. We look forward to meeting you in Chicago!

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